Rock and Olive


Rock and Olive is a fashion marketplace that has been created to build deeper, and more meaningful relationships with and between fashion designers, as well as allow customers to have deeper insight into our designers and their inspirations. The team at Rock and Olive are digital marketing gurus that believe in the power of community spirit, having worked with concepts that promote collaboration rather than competition.

At Rock and Olive though, we are not just about the marketplace. Our team of writers and fashion bloggers actively seek trends and styles, curating the better ones and bringing them to our growing global following.

Why Rock and Olive? Rock and Olive represents a lifestyle that is so prevalent in the Mediterranean. We work with designers, partners and agencies that respect tradition and the way things have been done for years. Our designers believe in giving creativity time and space, as well as supporting the local artisans and their respective diverse cultures.

Got a question about Rock and Olive, or any of our designers? Drop us a quick message! We would love to hear from you.