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Handmade fashion: the future trend

In this fast-pacing world; where everything is connected and instantaneous; more and more people are seeking for an alternative, even a collaborative economy. And this tendency is also being felt in fashion as handmade fashion has never been so trendy!

As a matter of fact, we are struggling between the desire to stand from the crowd and the injunction to follow standardized and globalized fashion styles.

The choice of crafts was underestimated not so long ago. But in reply to mass standardisation or in search for authenticity and uniqueness, we notice a return to handcrafted savoir-faire. And today, handmade becomes a quality and creativity indicator again for consumers. Brands see in it an asset that they try to seize.

This aspiration for everything that is handmade is found first among fashion bloggers themselves. Blogs that offer tutorials and creative activities are stormed by the Internet users.

Studio One Eighty Nine as a great example of trendy handmade fashion

After a journey through Kenya, Burundi and Rwanda with the V-Day organization (which fights against violence against women), Abrima Erwiah and Rosario Dawnson (see photo below) decided to launch Studio One Eighty Nine in 2011.

handmade rosario dawnson and abrima erwiah

It is a ready-to-wear brand that draws its inspiration and values from African culture. The purpose of the fashion label is to help women and children in Ghana by providing workshops and training, accessible to all.

handmade studio one eighty nine

In accordance with the savoir-faire, spirit and ancestral tradition, Studio One Eighty Nine collections are hand made in Ghana, thus combining fashion and sustainable development.

The fashion label is already prized by Aymeline Valade, Zoë Kravitz and Jessica Alba. Resolutely expressing a free femininity, Studio One Eighty Nine lauds a 100% handmade skillful expertise.

Want more handmade fashion?

At Rock & Olive, we believe in the crafts and especially in the savoir-faire of talented people who not only love their profession but also want to share their passion with others. This is why we offer handmade products by micro designers.

Check out their profiles here!

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