“Colourful”, “Serene” and “Summer-lover”

Carla grima

In her atelier based in Malta, Carla Grima makes unique clothes and accessories trying to capture the nature’s luxury.

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Her story in the fashion world..

… starts with studies in Fashion innovation & Management during which she had the opportunity to spend a year in Paris.

In fact, it’s following the visit to a Balenciaga exhibition in Paris that her desire to get into the fashion industry and her design work began.

She noted that her studies were amazing. Invested and motivated, she took every opportunity to learn more and to be involved in the fashion industry.

“Working for different designers and getting really involved in the everyday studio life was something that I got hooked on.”

Carla Grima Shopping Bag

Full of imagination, Carla Grima creates unique piece hand-made with natural fabrics coming from Europe in a combination of watercolour techniques, photography and textile printing.

Passionate, she has an interest in the creation of new shapes and patterns. Her pieces are made with luxurious texture and amazing prints.

“My collections always have an element of nature inspiring either form or colour. I love to work with a mood or feeling and building concepts from this”.

Carla Grima Blue Kaftan

She transforms high-quality silk, cotton and wool fibres into a one-size system to fit multiple silhouettes for summer, autumn, sea and sunset.

“Each garment is the collaboration of human hands, nature and machine”.

Carla Grima Red Kaftan

Uniqueness of her designs

With her creations, Carla Grima distinguished by high quality, natural and delicate material, which need a great care in the manufacture and maintenance. Behind each collection, there is a real story.
The Mediterranean, Cosmic harmony, natural beauty of imperfection and effortless elegance are the signature of Carla Grima Atelier.

Clothes by Carla Grima

Her advice? Never give up!

“Learn how to accept criticism… it’s not always easy but it’s the best way to grow”

Versatile, fluid, harmonious, luxurious, deep colours of the Mediterranean, as us, fall in love with Carla Grima’s items!

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