“Eclectic, Tempting, Special“

Martina Guillaumes of Marpesia

The origins of Marpesia & Co

The name Marpesia finds its origins in the greatest Amazon queens. Martina has always been referred to an Amazon in regards of her size. Besides, the first three letters “Mar” refers also to her designer Martina. The association of “& Co.” refers here to all the other incredible women throughout history. What’s the meaning? “Since forever & for everyone”. A such beautiful thing should always be.

The origin of her involvement in artistic fashion

Influenced by art since her childhood, Martina studied art and design throughout history. She also has been obsessed with pretty things for ever. By the time she was studying Decorative Art and Design History at the University of Glasgow, she saw something else in jewelry than colorful and shiny things but as an art form in itself. Imagine you can consider yourself as a showcase of a mobile art, this way you can show who you are and how you want people to see you.

Marpesia Necklace with pearls
Marpesia Earrings

Marpesia’s conception process and her inspirations.

Loving color’s contrast and special pieces, she unearths incredible and special components to make gorgeous and very unique jewellery.

Putting different components on her working surface, she sees how colors, shapes and textures can work well together. She also works according to what she’s in a mood for and that’s what make them very special and as one of its kind.

Her favorites components are Vermeil, Pink Sapphires, Rock Crystal, Swarovski Crystal , Freshwater Pearl and Vintage Glass.

“I had once made this chunky blue necklace and used a big 1950s matt gold zebra brooch I had bought on Portobello Road as a side focal. I sometimes regret selling it, but I’m happy it went to a loving home .”

Uniqueness of her designs

Behind every single piece Martina makes, there is a story and a feeling. She makes special jewellery with very authentic and high-quality components, making them unique.

Marpesia’s moto

In every single project Martina was involved in, she never gave up!

Handmade Lava Necklace

“I genuinely love what I make, and I thought it was about time I got out there a bit more.”