“ Empowering. Intricate. Vivacious”

Saz Mifsud

Based in Malta, the young designer tries to merge the worlds of art and fashion with the idea that a painting can become a piece of garment.

Her story in the fashion world

As a little, she always had an interest in dressing up and fashion in general. Besides, she always loved to paint, and it became reality when moving to London to study art and design at Central Saint Martins. After a trip to France, where she realised how passionated she was in fashion, she decided to specialize in fashion print design at the University for the Creative Arts in Rochester.

“I always believed that a person must do what makes him or her happy. Painting always made me happy and clothing intrigued me”.

Her way of creating, materials and inspirations

Saz lets anything around her inspire her such as natural elements, from seashells to dandelions, depending on her mood and the trends and giving her beautiful shapes and textures. Once she has found a theme for a collection, such as Pollen Poetry her latest one, she takes photographs and paints, digitalizes them to create a complete design which is finally printed on pure and natural silk.

Each collection includes silk scarves, kimonos, tops and trousers for women and ties, pocket squares and bespoke bow for men.


Uniqueness of her designs

Being both a painter and a designer, she takes something completely ordinary and turns it into something extraordinary and beautiful.

“The scarf should say certain things that would otherwise be left unspoken, and I want each and every scarf I create to be a timeless piece – something that can be passed on from one generation to the next”

This Maltese design house is driven by a passion for colour and natural fibres.

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