“Bold, Attractive, Vibrant“

Yana Azzopardi

In a subtle association of stones, beads, iron, fabric and other beautiful materials, Yana Azzopardi creates unique pieces of jewellery in the island of Malta.

Yana Jewellery Logo

Her story in the fashion world..

…begins with her obsession for collecting bunches of bracelets and necklaces from all over the world. Her fascination for stones and materials inspired and pushed her to design her own jewels.

She’s self-taught and learned everything by herself from jewellery making books.

Yana’s underlying passion is also a tribute to her heritage from her family history in jewellery making as her grandfather used to be a gold and silversmith and owned his own jewellery store.

“At first it was just a hobby. I am a self-taught jewellery designer and never attended any jewellery courses.”


Her way of creating, materials and inspirations

All Yana’s designs are handmade and unique. She simply loves incorporating semi-precious stones (from Istanbul), material and chain in one.

Passionate about dance (particularly Flamenco), music and design, Yana enjoys associating all three together in one. She creates collections based on recent trends and seasons but also have collections that are focused solely on inspiration and primarily related with colours.

“I am deeply inspired by the vibrant feel of Indian, gypsy, hippie and African jewellery. I find that the general colours within these regions are truly free, in the sense that one can see multiple combinations of different stones, gems and materials come together.”

Yana's Jewellery

Yana turns materials (various wire and chain), beads and stones into a one-off piece that reflects personality or mood of the moment and is suitable for any occasion and any season.

“The texture and colours always bring a unique and defining design to my pieces.”

Uniqueness of her designs

The true asset that makes Yana’s Jewellery unique is that it is handmade with care and it combines vibrant coloured stones, beads and assorted materials.

She accomplishes the transformation of a simple design into a complicated piece. The result is simply fascinating and is a treat to the eyes.

“I like all things that are unique. There is something special about owning an item that is exclusively yours. Something different, individual and personal.”

Necklace with tribal rope and agate
Handmade necklace by Yana

Her motto? Think of it as an experience!

“It’s the best feeling in the world when you know women feel glamorous when wearing your jewellery.”

Colourful, rich, bold, unique, driven by passion, like us, fall in love with Yana’s Jewellery!

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