Socks with white sandals
Please be patient with me. English is not my first language.

I don’t know when socks and sandals became popular. I think celebrities are the main reason to push the trend. However, if you think they have much fashion sense to make them work, that would be a big mistake. The following socks and sandals are worn by celebrities that are so dreadful. FAIL!

1. Sarah Jessica Parker is always a Fashionista in my mind. (She left a strong impression from Sex and the City.) However, the outfit totally destroys my thoughts. The colorful socks don’t rock with the sandals, and it also doesn’t match her casual style. jessica parker2 2. Elle Fanning wears a black karate outfit with hot dog-patterned socks and flat sandals. I can’t understand what she wants to express on her style. She looks forget to change her shoes when she goes out. Elle Fanning 3. Choosing nice socks are really important. Rihanna wears a pair of lime green socks, and the color of socks makes people feel that there is a strange smell from her feet. rihanna 4. VV Brown wears a gold  dress with a pair of brown socks and black flatform sandals. However, she seems to borrow that pair of socks from her grandmother. I admire her perfect dress and makeup, but the combination of socks and sandals ruins all her effort. VV Brown Wearing socks and sandals make people pay attention to the feet, so you have to take more time to match them. Since they are celebrities, it seems to make sense even though they look weird. However, if we wear socks with sandals in a terrible way, people will think you are crazy and ridiculous. Thus, please be careful if you want to follow the fashion trend. If you don’t like the trend, welcome to  join our activity (Stop socks and sandals) on the Facebook page Rock and Olive .

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