Mosaique stop Stocks and Sandals
Please be patient with me. English is not my first language.

Every year we face the same story, again and again, when the summer comes. Our eyes cry, our heart jumps up – but not for the good reason – and you feel like you want to commit a murder. What is all because of ? Because of one of the biggest fashion faux pas of the history is causing a disaster in the Mediterranean basin when the sun shows up bringing thousands of tourists with it. What are we talking about ? ** drum roll ** Naturally, we are talking about socks and sandals !


Here, at Rock & Olive, we have decided it was time to eradicate this international disease in order to save the fashion world. Let’s get rid of socks and sandals for a better – fashionable – world.


You don’t agree with us? You think that socks and sandals are the best mix to go all over the pretty little Italian streets with an incomparable comfort ? You believe that socks and sandals help you make your masculinity clear in all the countries you go to ? Well, we have really bad news for you and we are going to explain to you why.


  • First rule, the principle of a sandal is simple : being barefoot or, in other words without socks.
  • During the summer, the weather is really really hot, especially in the Mediterranean basin; so why make our foot sweat with pointless socks?
  • Don’t you see all the people around you open their eyes wide when looking at your foot ? One and only reason : socks and sandals afraid people, they don’t feel comfortable when seeing them.
  • How could you be able to share your awesome fresh pedicure if you hide your beautiful foot in dreadful socks
  • Do you know what socks and sandals mean ? It means the worse nightmare of everybody during the summer: disgraceful suntan lines!
  • White socks are only accepted if you are wearing sports outfit. Full stop.
  • Opt for socks and sandals and you will lose the slightest trace of your sex-appeal.
  • If you try to be original by choosing to wear pool sandals, forget the idea, it doesn’t work anyway ! Except if you are going to the swimming pool and you are not wearing white socks with them!
  • Hiking sandals, flip-flops, Crocs, gladiator sandal, Birkenstock … Same battle : no socks!
  • Few exceptions : Michael Jackson because he is the King of Pop si he could do whatever he wanted – and white socks are absolutely necessary to perform the perfect moonwalk. If you are a fashionista because we all know that you love weird things – but try to avoid them anyway for the common good of all people.

All of that is to say that Rock&Olive wants to defend the Mediterranean elegance by preserving the know-how and the style of designers who imagine pieces of fashion assuring you to always have the perfect outfit.

Forget socks and sandals, join the army and all together, let’s stop socks and sandals!

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