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Living in Mediterranea or just a Mediterranean lover, you want to go for a yoga retreat in one of the most beautiful places in the old European Bassin, but don’t know where to go? We all know there are many incredible spots in USA and Asia, such as … But what about Mediterranea?

Yoga spots in Italy


In Capri there are lot of incredible spots such Faraglioni, Punta Canonne and Parco Augusto.

Faraglioni is probably the nicer one especially at sunrise and sunset.

Capri is definitely the right place to be to practice yoga! While you can enjoy the local culture, you can retreat yourself at several spots without going to far.

Spain has also nice spots


Let your soul shine with yoga sessions in Ibiza offering you a deep, healing and transformational retreats and fun. It is possible to get a tailor-made retreat on the beautiful island.


If you want to go for a long break and retreat in Spain then Mallorca is the perfect yoga spot! You will be able to find center where to learn the true essence of yoga. What an amazing place! Sandy beach and clear turquoise water.


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Canary Islands

While you go on vacation on the Canary Islands, take the shot to get a retreat and practice yoga amongst the scenic volcanoes and a sea view. Beginner or yoga adept, in Fuerteventura you will find the right therapy according to your level and needs.

Ibiza, Mallorca and the Canary Islands are very good yoga spots. It’s up to you to choose the right one matching your needs and mood.


Find incredible yoga spots in Greece and Turkey

While you can practice yoga in amazing places such as Capri or Mallorca, Greece and Turkey have their own assets.

In Greece you can isolate yourself and enjoy a yoga retreat on the Silver Island which is the ideals base for yoga. The island is just a few miles away from the mainland. Nevertheless, Evia which is known as the second largest Greek island is a true yoga sanctuary.


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In Turkey you will find lot of nice places especially in their mountains. If you want something different than beaches and sea then Turkey might be the right alternative. In Dalaman, you will find the Huzur Vadisi, the longest established and very well known yoga holiday retreat. Really enjoyable, this sort of oasis of peace is located in the middle of nature.





Does France has nice yoga spots?

yoga-spots-eiffel-towerDid you know you could practice yoga under the Eiffel Tower? Far away from the beach, the sea and in the middle of the Parisian noise, you can find some peace during one of the amazing yoga sessions.

Nevertheless, on the country side, from mountains to the beach, there are many yoga spots that you will like for sure. Provence, Pyrenees, Alpes and Brittany are the most suitable place to practice yoga for their nature and environment.



Malta, the right place to practice yoga!

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Malta, the heart of the Mediterranean Bassin is the perfect place to practice yoga. There are many incredible yoga spots.

You should definitely try one of those sunrise Yoga class by the sea.

It is not uncommon to practice SUP Yoga, which means on a board. Surrounded by the water, it is a very special experience you should try. While you practice, you can enjoy the sun and the sea. It is a challenging practice at the beginning but you might have so much fun. it

Gozo has nice yoga spots where you will probably get more peace than on the main island.

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